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Indoor Outdoor Premium Pack


Customer Testimonials

I began planting my garden like I do every year.  This year, however, I had four-legged visitors I did not plan on. I decided then to look into pest deterrent options to protect my garden and purchased the Guardian™. The protection provided by the Guardian™ was more than sufficient and allowed me to have one of my best harvests yet from my garden.


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Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT - Buy 2 get 1 free

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT 3-Pack

More indoor coverage at no additional cost. 3-Pack Sale: Save $70 Now!

You Save: $70.00

Premium Pack Includes 2 Ultimate ATs and 1 Guardian

Indoor/Outdoor Premium Pack - NEW!

Complete pest protection inside and out. Includes 2 ATs & a Guardian. 25% Off Normal Price

You Save: $40.00

Guardian™ Bundle Sale (Includes 2 Guardians)

Guardian™ Bundle Sale - NEW!

Double your coverage area and target more pests. Buy 2 Guardians & Save $10 Now

You Save: $10.00

Good Life Bird & Wildlife Scare Cannon

Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon - NEW!

Repels birds and wildlife up to 5 acres with loud, sonic blasts. Low intro pricing - Save $90 Now

You Save: $90.00

Pre-Owned Guardian Front

The Guardian™ Original - Pre-Owned

Armed with 12 features in 1 unit, protect outdoor areas, attics, crawl spaces, and more from unwanted pest animals. You save $10 on pre-owned units!

You Save: $15.00

Garden Pack New With Strobe and Solar SafeGuards

Garden Pack Sale - NEW!

Protect your property from pests above and below ground. Save $15 on this package deal

You Save: $15.00

Bed Bug Bundle (Includes 2 Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs, 1 Bed Bug Logic, &  1 Bed Bug Alert)

Bed Bug Bundle Sale

Everything you’ll need to get rid of and keep Bed Bugs away - Save $24 today

You Save: $24.00

Indoor/Outdoor Premium Pack

Pre-Owned Indoor/Outdoor Premium Pack

Complete pest protection both inside and outside. Includes 2 Pre-Owned Pest Repeller Ultimate® ATs & 1 Pre-Owned Guardian™ - You Save $20!

You Save: $20.00

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT Refurbished

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT - Pre-Owned

Save on our most powerful indoor pest repeller when you buy pre-owned. Get rid of pests with ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and ionic technologies. Save $10!

You Save: $25.00

My Critter Catcher

Critter Catcher

Eco-friendly way to catch and release household pests. Buy 1, get 1 Free

You Save: $25.00

Solar SafeGuard 3-Pack Sale (3 units for the price of 2)

Solar SafeGuard 3-Pack Sale

Protect your lawn and garden from burrowing pests. Buy 2, get a 3rd free. A $20 value - Free

You Save: $20.00