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The Guardian™: Electronic Bat Repellent

Armed with powerful ultrasonic sound and multiple custom features, The Guardian™ uses the safest technology on the market to defend areas where bats usually gather.

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The bats exited the building and have not returned! Hooray!

Put an end to your bat problem.

Diagram of The Guardian's heat sensor range.

The Guardian™ is a humane and environmentally friendly device that repels bats indoors and outdoors. It uses a highly specialized thermal sensor that recognizes movement by picking up changes in heat. This allows the Guardian to activate with animals and people — while at the same time preventing false activations like leaves blowing in the wind.

The noise emitted is completely inaudible to you, but can be heard by bats within 6000 ft2. The high pitched frequencies produced by the Guardian™ are like exposing the intruding bats to an extremely loud and annoying alarm. These unwelcome guests will become so annoyed and disoriented from this unpleasant noise, they'll leave and never want to return!

Want to only target bats?

The Guardian is equipped with revolutionary Select-a-Pest™ technology. This feature allows you to adjust the sound frequencies released by the Guardian to target specific pests.

So, do you want to keep bats away from your porch without scaring deer away? Simply turn the dial to repel bats. Different frequency levels are proven to be more effective on certain pests than others. This gives you even more power to target and keep specific pests away.

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Exclusive remote control

Notice bats are making your attic their home? Manually activate the Guardian up to 75 feet away and let them know they are no longer welcome there!

The Guardian's remote control option

Frighten animals away

With our innovative predator call feature, drive away deer, elk, raccoons, and more using predatory wildcat growls. Frighten and disorient pests using the calls of their natural predator, causing them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Scare animal pests away with the predator call feature.

Powering The Guardian is easy

The Guardian has been designed to operate with batteries or the included AC adapter. This allows more flexibility to install the device where you want based on your unique situation.

The Guardian powered by batteries in a garden.

No problem – rain or shine

The Guardian has been built to withstand both the unforgiving sun and torrential rain. Even after cheaper knock-offs have submitted to the elements due to inferior quality and craftsmanship, your Guardian won't miss a beat.

The Guardian survives in storms.

90-day money-back

Safely protect your property from bats – risk free!

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Recommended accessories

Mounting Bracket with pan and tilt


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Perfect for mounting The Guardian in many areas of your property.

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Remote Control


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Activate The Guardian up to 75 feet away.

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60' Extension Cord


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Great for powering your Guardian in more remote locations.

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AC Adapter


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Works great as a replacement or spare.

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