Bird-X BirdNet PE-Plus

Premium grade Polyethylene BirdNet is durable, long-lasting, efficient, and effective.

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Nearly invisible bird netting.
Permanent solution keeps pests out once and for all.
Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material.
Easy to install.
10-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Premium Grade Bird Exclusion Netting

    Keep birds and large animals out of roosting and nesting areas. BirdNet is a sensible, strong, long-lasting, hassle-free solution to any bird problem.

    Prevent bird infestation in facilities and degradation of vineyards, trees, orchards and other crops as enclosures covered by bird netting allow light and moisture in. Also useful for loading docks, warehouses, bridges, overpasses, office complexes, parking structures, arenas and shopping centers — any situation where birds need to be excluded from an area.

    Available Sizes

      25×25′ Package 25×50′ Package 50×50′ Package 50×100′ Package
    Area (ft2) 625 1,250 2,500 5,000
    Box Dimensions 40″ × 50″ × 6″ 40″ × 15″ × 10″ 40″ × 20″ × 10″ 40″ × 28″ × 27″
    Weight (lb) 10 20 40 80
  • Instruction Manual


  • Each job is different and demands some on-site ingenuity. The four most common application techniques have pictures in the PDF.

    • Wire and Mounting Clips: Often used on concrete, brick or steel structures. Poly clips easily fold over wire and snap together through netting spacing 1–3′ apart depending on job.
    • Epoxy Caulk: High quality epoxy caulk is readily available at local hardware stores and has been successfully used on concrete brick and steel. Or, Construction Grade Adhesive (for caulking gun).
    • Plastic Band & Staples: On wood structures a plastic banding has been manually woven into netting skipping every 4 or 5 strands. This allows stapling to a solid surface rather than a single netting strand.
    • Wood Lathe Strip: Installations of bird netting on wooden structures can easily be accomplished using wood lathe strips and nails.
  • Once installed, durability will depend on the amount of exposure to sunlight. The bird netting is stabilized with chemical additives designed to give many years effective life.

    With most installations, labor is the major cost factor, not netting itself. Heavier Structural BirdNet bird netting is better insurance against sunlight and mechanical damage over the years. Lighter-weight Standard BirdNet is often acceptable on inside jobs, such as warehouse ceilings.

    Among satisfied users are Arlington Park Race Track, Kansas City Airport, McGuire AFB, Langley AFB, Lesters, Inc. (modular agricultural buildings) and many others.

    Jobs requiring wider widths can be easily handled by running a wire and using poly clips to fasten bird netting to both sides, or by splicing bird net together manually using a high quality UV treated twine and a plastic needle.