Good Life® Reflective Bird Scare Tape

Good Life Bird Scare Tape is an easy and inexpensive way to keep bats and birds away.

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  • This non-sticky “tape” is actually a metallic ribbon made from Mylar film. It is often referred to as bird tape, scare tape, flash tape, holographic tape.

    When sunlight hits the tape, it reflects bright flashes of light. It also makes a crackling noise with any slight breeze. Bats and birds associate this combination of light, movement and sound with fire, so they become scared and flee the area.

    Commonly used in farms and orchards, Bird Scare Tape is also great for residential properties. Easily tie it up around pools, carports, gardens and gazebos, or even around vehicles and boats. Let it hang freely in streamers, or drape it around your grape vines, fruit trees and other foliage.

    Use it on boats, or hang it from the sides of buildings to prevent messy bats and birds from roosting. It's so fast and easy to setup, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!


    • Bats
    • Birds
      • Pigeons
      • Woodpeckers
      • Sparrows
      • Blackbirds
      • Starlings
      • Grackles
      • And other pest birds

    Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life®

  • Small Roll

    1" Wide, 50' Long

    Large Roll

    2" Wide, 125' Long


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