Bite Shield

Safely repels mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects.

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Repels flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects.
No messy sprays or creams
Safe for you & family
University tested
2 cartridges included
120 hours of continuous use
  • Protect your entire family from disease-carrying mosquitoes

    Bite Shield is a proven biting Insect Repellent to protect you and your loved ones from annoying and harmful insects. Now you can control deadly viral diseases carried by mosquitoes and other biting insects with Lentek Bite Shield and without harmful pesticides.

    This portable, lightweight Biting Insect Repeller produces pleasant fragrance that biting Insects hate. The repellent cartridge contains beads made with a naturally occurring essential oil called Geraniol. It has a fan that quietly distributes the scented repellent to give you an umbrella of protection. No harmful chemicals or sprays on your skin! It's also safe for kids and pets.

    Your Bite Shield comes with two repellent cartridges, each lasts for up to 120 hours of continuous use. Just slide one of the replaceable repellent cartridges onto the Lentek Bite Shield and turn on the battery-operated unit. Lentek Bite Shield was tested and developed by a major Florida university.

    Tell biting insects to "STAY AWAY" with Bite Shield. Enjoy your leisure time knowing your family and loved ones are protected from mosquitoes and other biting Insects.

  • Outdoor coverage:

    Up to 15ft (4.5m) Radius


    Operates on (2) batteries


    (2) cartridges included

    Indoor coverage:

    Up to 2000ft2 (600m2)

    Cartridge life span:

    Each cartridge lasts up to 72 hours