Electronic Mouse Trap PRO

Uses high-voltage shock to quickly & humanely kill mice.



I have used all other methods to trap mice and I won't ever go back to them.
Quick and humane
3 mice kills without resetting
100 mice kills per set of batteries
100% effectiveness rate
Easy to use
  • Unlike traditional snap traps, the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO uses a high-voltage, quick and humane shock that kills the field, house or any mouse in seconds. The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO is as efficient as it is effective, killing up to three mice per setting and 100 mice per set of 4 “AA” batteries (not included). This trap offers a 100% kill rate – meaning there are no escapes and you can rid yourself of a small rodent problem in one single night.

    How it works

    The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO is equipped with advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a rodent enters the trap. Once the rodent is inside, the patented tunnel design and beveled columns hold the mouse in place and prevent any escapes. The mouse steps onto the metal plates, completing the circuit and the trap delivers a quick, humane shock. Each time the trap catches a mouse, the light on top of the trap flashes green for up to seven days to indicate a kill. The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO also senses how many mice it catches. If it traps only a single mouse, it resets automatically and waits for another. The trap can kill up to 3 mice per setting and 100 mice per set of 4 “AA” batteries. To dispose of the mouse, just flip the lid open and dump the mouse directly into the trash for a hygienic and safe, no-touch, no-view disposal. The trap can either be reset or discarded. To reset, bait the trap, place and turn the trap on for continued rodent control.

    Safety first

    The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap PRO features a built-in safety switch that automatically deactivates the trap whenever the lid is open. In addition, the trap includes beveled columns and a unique tunnel design that prevents children and pets from reaching into the trap. The trap has no poisons or chemicals and is safe to use anywhere in the home.

    • Kills 3 mice without resetting
    • Kills 100 mice for each set of 4 “AA” batteries
    • High voltage shock kills mice in 5 seconds
    • Beveled columns hold mouse in place for 100% Kill Rate — no escapes!
    • Patented 3-plate design
    • Easy to use — simply bait, turn on, & empty
    • Smart circuit technology senses mice to trigger electronic shock
    • Lid flips open to keep hands away from rodent
    • Built-in safety switch and tunnel design protects kids and pets
    • Non-toxic and poison free
    • Blinking Green-light flashes for 7 days to indicate kill
    • Blinking Red-light indicates low battery
  • The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap PRO is easy to use for house, field or any mouse removal. Simply insert batteries, bait, place, turn the trap on and empty! Open the battery compartment and insert 4 “AA” batteries. To bait, open the lid on top of the trap and place a small amount of peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut spread or any of their favorite foods along the back wall of the trap in the bait trough provided. Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. The trap should be placed lengthwise against the wall with the entrance hole nearest the wall. Turn on the trap. A green light will blink once showing the trap is working properly.

  • Place the trap along the wall where rodents primarily travel or where you have seen signs of rodent activity. For example, if you have a mouse in your house (super small droppings as compared to rat droppings, which are about the size of half a raisin).

    To bait the Electronic Mouse Trap, first make sure the trap is turned off. Place the bait along the back wall of the trap in the bait trough provided. We’ve carefully researched and recommend baiting with anything high in protein like peanut butter or hazelnut spread. Place a small amount of bait (the size of a pea) against the back wall of the kill chamber. Be sure to use gloves or a tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap. Please don’t place the bait or any other material directly on the metal plates as this will falsely trip the system.

    Through repeat use and baiting, dust and debris can settle on the metal plates inside the trap, so we recommend that you clean your trap between each use. To clean the trap:

    1. Turn the unit to the off position and remove the batteries
    2. Wipe the metal plates with a damp cloth (water or unscented dish detergent only)
    3. Allow the Electronic Mouse Trap to air dry completely
    4. Replace the batteries and turn the unit back on.

    The buzzing and slight clicking sound with the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap is normal during the start-up of the trap. When you first turn the trap on, the green light will blink momentarily and then you will hear the buzzing or a slight clicking sound indicating that you trap is working properly and starting up.

    The Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap is reusable. These traps are able to kill up to 100 mice per set of batteries.

  • How to use

    This video will walk you through how to use the Electronic Mouse Trap PRO.