Second Generation Electro-Vibrawave™

The all new Electro-Vibrawave™ technology exclusive to Good Life® uses the electromagnetic waves that flow through your wiring. This repels pests nesting behind walls and inside cracks. Feel comfortable knowing pests you can't even see are being driven out by the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT. This technology is completely safe and environmentally-friendly.

The unique Electro-Vibrawave™ technology inside our Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT changes the normal frequencies traveling along your wires into a pulsating vibration that only small pests can detect. This shifting frequency irritates rodents' nervous systems and aggravates insects' sensitive receptors.

Because the electromagnetic signals intermittently turn on and off every few seconds, pests are unable to build a tolerance and flee the area. Since most homes and offices have wiring running throughout the walls, the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT transforms your entire establishment into a giant pest repeller.

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