Inflatable Snake Scarecrow

Large 6-foot snake deters small pests from decks, rafters, window ledges, sailboats, etc.

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Deters pests from vegetable gardens, flower gardens, yards, decks, barns, open porches, patios, etc.
Effective in repelling birds and small animal pests.
Easy to use – just blow it up and place it out in your yard
Lifelike and imposing presence – in most cases it starts working immediately!
  • Snakes are a well known predator in the bird and animal world. This lifelike “hunter” makes birds, rodents, and other small animals want to stay far away from the area. Place this snake on the ground in your yard or garden, or hang it up high in a tree or rafter to overlook your property. As long as pests can see it, they will stay far away!

    Repels These Pests

    • Birds
      • Pegeons
      • Crows
      • Sparrows
      • Seagulls
      • Starlings
      • Grackles
      • Cormorants
    • Rodents
    • Small animals

    Protects These Areas and Locations

    • Yards
    • Decks
    • Patios
    • Porches
    • Gardens
    • Driveways
    • Parking lots
    • Barns
    • Marinas
    • Garages
    • Other open areas
  • Coverage

    Line of sight – if the pest can see it, they will stay away


    6' Long


    3 oz


    90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Instructions

    • For yards and gardens, place the inflatable snake out in the open where birds will see it.
    • For fruit trees, place the Snake on a limb where it looks as natural as possible. Use the side tabs to tie it down if necessary. You can also lay the Snake decoy on top of berry bushes.
    • For ponds, pools or lakes, simply float the snake on water surface. If you wish to anchor it down, attach a small weight to the side tabs.

    For Best Results

    • Install Snake before fruit ripens and feeding habits develop.
    • Place the Snake in a prominent position, so birds can see it.
    • Move Snake around garden every few days.
    • Check inflation periodically.
    • Store indoors when season is over to prevent pests from getting used to it.