M14-1 Lite Propane Scare Cannon

The M14-1 Lite provides a compelling list of features — all-in-one cost-conscious package.

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  • Introducing the M14-1 Lite Propane Scare Cannon

    Good Life provides humane, effective deterrents for discouraging birds and other wildlife from inhabiting unsafe or undesirable locations. Preventing such occupation can help avoid costly property damage, fines, injury to wildlife, and even loss of human life.

    The sleek M14-1 Lite provides a compelling list of features – such as an electronic ignition and timer, all weather durability, and compatibility with a variety of activation modules – all in one integrated, cost conscious package. The M14-1 Lite includes Multi-Shot, which allows you to select between 1, 2, & 3 shots every time the cannon fires!

    The M14-1 is proudly designed and assembled in the USA.


    Pest birds and wildlife such as wild turkeys, geese, deer, coyotes and more. Excellent for use in agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.


    Orchards and vineyards

    Use the M14-1 Propane Cannon to stop birds and nuisance wildlife in their tracks before they destroy plants and harvests.


    Trust our cannons to stop birds and wildlife from stealing fruits and vegetables.


    Prevent birds from posing a threat during take-off and landing.

    Poultry and fish breeding farms

    Protect feed factories and depots.


    Stop bears from stealing honey.


    Keep birds off their metal roofing, protecting the roof surfaces from bird droppings and wear and tear.


    Also great for fields, storage lots and any other large, open areas!



    By including only the features that many users need, the M14-1 Lite delivers much of the standard M14-1's capability in a cost conscious package. In addition to providing a standard OPD equipped 20lb or 30lb propane tank, the end user must also supply a 12VDC, deep-cycle, lead-acid battery (=30Ah recommended) and recharge it periodically.


    The M14-1 Lite offers a compact, light weight design without compromising capability. Weighing under 18lbs with its sturdy monopod (not including the user supplied propane tank or battery), the M14-1 Lite is easy to operate and transport.


    Employing an electronic ignition system, the M14-1 Lite guarantees accurate, efficient, and reliable operation with an adjustable detonation timer featuring two random fire modes (variable from 1 - 10min & 5 - 30min) and multi-shot capability (1, 2, or 3 shots).


    The M14-1 Lite is designed to survive rough handling and operate effectively in the harshest outdoor climates. It is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminized steel and aluminum, then powder coated for additional durability. Primary electronics are resin potted and all connectors treated to prevent corrosion.


    We offer an assortment of accessories to further extend the M14-1 Lite's utility. From rotating and collapsible tripods, to battery chargers and replacement parts, we have you covered.


    Proudly designed and meticulously assembled in the USA, every M14-1 Lite is subjected to rigorous quality control before leaving the factory. Along with thousands of hours of product testing, this ensures that your cannon will provide long-term, trouble free operation.