M14-1 360° Rotating Tripod (Purchasing Separately)

360° Rotating tripod adds coverage by rotating the cannon about 30° every time it fires.

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  • Our 360° rotating tripod for the Model 14-1 propane sound cannon provides coverage over a larger area by rotating the cannon ~30° every time it fires. Just like our standard tripod, it's constructed from durable, corrosion resistant metals, is collapsible, and includes 3 hooks to support a standard 20lb propane tank.

    The rotating tripod uses a stainless steel gas swivel and two heavy bearings to ensure consistent, reliable rotation after every shot. A quick-disconnect fitting between cannon and tripod is also included to make setup and re-positioning a breeze.

    Includes the Following Components:

    • 360° rotating tripod
    • Steel mounting clamp
    • 2-piece propane hose with quick disconnect (factory installed when purchased with a Model 14-1)
    • Barrel-end blast deflector with mounting clamps


    • Height: 36 inches
    • Rotation: 30° per shot (approximate)
    • Placement Requirements: Level surface