Mosquito Dunks

Kills mosquito larvae in standing water.

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Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish and humans.
Simply apply Mosquito Dunks to any standing water or water garden.
Kills within hours and lasts for 30 days or more.
Labeled For Organic Gardening by the US EPA.
  • Mosquito Dunks are a highly effective, low impact product.

    Kills mosquitoes before they're old enough to bite! The Mosquito Dunks are America's best selling homeowner mosquito control product. The only product with BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae. Lasts for 30 days and treats 100ft2 (30m2) of surface water.

    Mosquitoes have always been an annoying and sometimes deadly aspect of summer. With the recent spread of West Nile virus there has been a heightened interest in mosquito control throughout the United States. Homeowners, ranchers and farmers looking for a safe, nontoxic way to control mosquitoes can use Mosquito Dunks, which kill mosquitoes before they can become flying, biting, disease-carrying adults.

    Summit Chemical Company has been involved in mosquito control for over 50 years. Their best selling Mosquito Dunks were initially developed for the professional mosquito control industry as a biodegradable formulation aimed at low impact application to any body of water.