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Protect your whole home & save big with the UltraSweep™ Mini 6-Pack.

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Repels these pests

Mice, rats, and other rodents.

Easy to use

Simply plug the Pest Repeller Minis into any wall outlet in the rooms you want protected. A convenient indicator light lets you know they are doing their job.

Eco friendly & safe

Repels pests using powerful, sweeping ultrasonic sounds that are inaudible to humans but irritating to pests. Protect your home year-round without harmful chemicals or traps.

  • Bulky, noisy pest repellers are a thing of the past.

    Technology has come a long way. Good Life pest repellers are the best on the market, and the Pest Repeller Mini is no exception. The Mini is compact, efficient and so easy to use. Just plug it right into the wall outlet of any room you wish to protect. This means you can get rid of pests quickly and easily without without any technical headaches or having to become a “pest specialist”.

    The Pest Repeller Mini emits a fluctuating range of ultrasonic sound waves designed specifically to keep rodents away, without bothering humans. These ultrasonic frequencies sounds like an extremely loud siren to small pests, quickly driving them away from the protected area. Although it's small in size, the Pest Repeller Mini can cover one open space up to 625ft2.

    Features & benefits

    Compact and discreet:

    The Pest Repeller Mini can run discreetly in the background, and won't cover your entire outlet space.

    Safe and easy to use

    Just plug it in and walk away. Repel unwanted pests without exposing your family to dangerous chemicals, poisons or traps.

    Budget friendly

    At this low introductory price, you can easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars compared to traditional pest control.

    How it works

    The Pest Repeller Mini emits sweeping ultrasonic sound waves to repel rodents, bugs and insects. With continuous use, a significant decrease in pest activity can be recognized within 10–20 days.

    Ultrasonic sound will bounce around and reflect off of solid objects such as walls, mirrors, cupboard doors, appliances, etc. Obtaining a ricochet pattern will increase the effective coverage. It is important to note that ultrasound cannot transmit through these solid barriers, so you can concentrate the ultrasonic coverage within a room by closing doors, or leave the doors open to potentially distribute the protection beyond the room where it is plugged in. The strongest coverage will be within the room where the unit is placed.

    • One unit covers up to 625 ft2 (one room up to 40′ × 40′)
    • Single speaker design with sweeping ultrasonic sound
    • Red LED power indicator light (doubles as a convenient night light)
    • Plugs into AC 110v/60hz outlet (begins emitting ultrasonic sound immediately)

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    Mice were tested for their innate fear reactions to a train of ultrasonic stimuli/us. Animals were placed one per cage for at least 1 week before testing. In brief, 100 ms frequency sweeps between 17 and 20 kHz, 85 dB, alternately ON 2 seconds and then OFF 2 seconds for 1 min were delivered into the home cage after a 3-min baseline period. Flight reactions triggered during ON periods were measured as the number of running events from one side of the cage to the other followed by behavioral arrest. The percentage time “freezing” to the ultrasonic stimuli was quantified by sampling events of complete immobility (except respiration) every 4 seconds during the OFF period. These defense behaviors were measured from a video file by an observer unaware of mouse genotype. (Page 3)

    This diagram shows the inverse relationship between brain tissue levels of 5-HT and aversive ultrasound-induced flight behaviors in mice. (a) There was an enhancement of flight behaviors in reaction to the aversive ultrasound (1 min fast sweep 17–20 kHz, 85 dB) in mice compared with control mice, which was reversed by a chronic treatment with pargyline. (Page 9)

    View full case study

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