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Complete pest protection inside & outside.

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2 Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT
1 Guardian™
  • Get rid of pests. Both inside & outside.

    Protect your home inside and outside with the Premium Pack. Easy to use and safe, the Pest Repeller Ultimate® ATs keep indoor areas protected from pests, while the Guardian™ repels unwanted critters outdoors.

    Package includes:

    Now you can get rid of mice and ants in your kitchen while keeping squirrels and raccoons off your deck. Its complete pest protection without using poisons, sprays, or traps.

    Bundle and save big when you choose the Premium Pack!

    Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life®

  • Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT

    • Sound distance of up to 5,000ft2 sound will not travel through walls)
    • Dimensions: Dimensions: 120 millimeters, by 70 millimeters, by 45 millimeters (approximate)
    • Power type: AC 110v 60hz
    • Power consumption: 8w
    • Pulse interval:
      • Ultrasonic wave: 1 ~ 4 sec. on, 0.5 ~ 2 sec. off
      • Electromagnetic wave: 0.5 ~ 2 sec. on, 1 ~ 4 sec. off
    • Instruction manual


    • Sound distance: 6,000ft2
    • Remote control distance: Up to 200ft
    • Motion sensor range: Up to 60ft
    • Dimensions:7.25 inches high, by 5.25 inches wide, by 3.5 inches deep
    • Power type: Battery or AC (5ft AC adapter included)
    • Power consumption: 1.8w
    • Uses 6 C-size batteries
    • Safe and humane
    • Weather resistant
  • Using the Guardian with deer — A four month case study

    Summer 2015 — Courtesy of Biologist Todd Hobein

    Local biologist Todd Hobein is a science teacher for the city of Ashland, Oregon. He performed thorough testing of the Guardian over several months, and recorded his findings in detail. This is an excellent testimonial to the importance of proper placement and installation.

    “I began planting my garden like I do every year at this time. This year, however, I had four-legged visitors I did not plan on. My neighbor had decided some weeks ago to build a fence around his backyard. As a result, the deer no longer were able to use his yard as their runway and decided to try mine instead. In the early part of June I saw my first deer. After a brief look around my garden I immediately noticed that something had clipped the tops off of my Anaheim peppers. No other damage was observed at that time. I decided then to look into pest deterrent options to protect my garden and purchased the Guardian.

    June 15th

    • Observed large doe eating tops of peppers.
    • Upon further inspection, the peppers were too far away from the motion sensor.
    • Moved Guardian from where deer were entering my yard to a location that covered the entire garden area.

    June 16th

    • Watched another deer walk through backyard straight for garden.
    • Deer was clearly irritated by the sound of the Guardian by cocking its head and ears to deflect sound (see Image 1).
    Deer reacting to the Guardian.

    Image 1: deer reacting to the Guardian.

    July 1st

    • No deer were observed in my garden since moving the unit.
    • Neighbor observed several deer wandering around the field outside of my garden but did not enter my property.

    July 5th

    Noticed some of the branches on my tomato plants had been eaten that were outside the range of the unit's sensor.

    I observed no new activity or disturbances in my garden, however I did notice that many of my neighbors have gone to great lengths both in labor and expense in deterring deer from their gardens by building fences to protect their plants — when all I needed was the Guardian.

    July 15th

    • Noticed that the peppers had been eaten down again.
    • Upon closer inspection I realized that the tomato plants had grown so much in height that they are now blocking the sensor of the unit for that part of the garden.
    • Raised the unit to point over the tomato plants.

    August and September

    • Upon my return from vacation I found many new piles of deer scat both in the garden as well as outside of it.
    • Amazingly none of the plants had even been touched!
    Deer invading the garden.

    Image 2: deer invading the garden.


    There were a few times when the deer did get the better of the unit, however, on each occasion this was due to factors that had nothing to do with the engineering of the unit. External factors like plant growth or plants outside the range of the sensor were the main causes of these trials and required simple adjustments for the Guardian to achieve its full potential.

    The protection provided by the Guardian was more than sufficient and allowed me to have one of my best harvests yet from my garden.

    Todd Hobein in his garden.

    Todd Hobein in his garden.

    Todd Hobein

    B.A., Wildlife Biology

    Science Teacher, Ashland School District

    Medford, OR

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    University case study involving ultrasound-induced defense reactions in mice

    © 2011 American College of Neuropsychopharmacology

    Severe serotonin depletion after conditional deletion of the vesicular monoamine transporter 2 gene in serotonin neurons: neural and behavioral consequences


    In an aversive ultrasound-induced defense paradigm, mice displayed a major increase in “wild” escape-like behaviors. Study keywords include depression; anxiety; defense behaviors. (Page 1)

    Mice were tested for their innate fear reactions to a train of ultrasonic stimuli/us. Animals were placed one per cage for at least 1 week before testing. In brief, 100 ms frequency sweeps between 17 and 20 kHz, 85 dB, alternately ON 2 seconds and then OFF 2 seconds for 1 min were delivered into the home cage after a 3-min baseline period. Flight reactions triggered during ON periods were measured as the number of running events from one side of the cage to the other followed by behavioral arrest. The percentage time “freezing” to the ultrasonic stimuli was quantified by sampling events of complete immobility (except respiration) every 4 seconds during the OFF period. These defense behaviors were measured from a video file by an observer unaware of mouse genotype. (Page 3)

    This diagram shows the inverse relationship between brain tissue levels of 5-HT and aversive ultrasound-induced flight behaviors in mice. (a) There was an enhancement of flight behaviors in reaction to the aversive ultrasound (1 min fast sweep 17–20 kHz, 85 dB) in mice compared with control mice, which was reversed by a chronic treatment with pargyline. (Page 9)

    View full case study

    Reference: ©Neuropsychopharmacology (2011)
    Nicolas Narboux-Nême, Corinne Sagné, Stephane Doly, Silvina L Diaz, Cédric B P Martin, + et al.
    Neuropsychopharmacology 36, 2538–2550 doi:10.1038/npp.2011.142

  • How the Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT works

    The Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT combines ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic technologies for unsurpassed pest control.

    Introducing The Guardian™

    The Guardian™ was carefully designed with a tremendous amount of research and investment. This humane device emits different noise frequencies to ward off pests instead of using poisonous chemicals.

    Installing the Guardian™ strobe light

    Having difficulty installing the strobe accessory? This video will walk you through the process step-by-step.