Rotating Head Owl Decoy

A realistic predator owl who's head bobs and turns freely in the breeze to repel pests.

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Deters pests from vegetable gardens, flower gardens, decks, boat docks, rafters, barns, open porches, patios, etc.
Hand-painted for maximum realism and effectiveness.
Large, yellow, reflective eyes – just like a real owl.
Head bobs and turns freely in the wind – up to 360°.
18" Tall for a lifelike and imposing presence – in most cases it starts working immediately!
  • The Great Horned Owl is a well known predator in the bird and animal world. This hand-painted decoy is life size, with large yellow eyes that reflect light – just like a real Owl. Its head bobbles and rotates, even in the slightest breeze. This lifelike “hunter” makes bats, birds, and other small animals want to stay far away from the area.

    The Rotating Head Owl Decoy has a removable cap in the bottom of its base. You can fill the base with sand or gravel to weight it down, or use the opening to mount the Owl up on a pole.

    Additional Features

    • Weatherproof for outdoor use.
    • Lifelike height at 18" tall creates a very daunting presence – in most cases it starts working immediately!
    • Hand-painted to achieve the most realistic looking appearance.
    • Very sturdy and durable plastic compared to cheaper scarecrows on the market.
    • Owl posture and moving head give the appearance of an owl searching for prey – pests can be scared off even in areas where the Great Horned Owl isn't common.


    • Bats
    • Birds
      • Pigeons
      • Crows
      • Sparrows
      • Seagulls
      • Grackles
      • Cororants
    • Rodents
    • Small animals

    Protects These Areas and Locations

    • Yards
    • Decks
    • Patios
    • Porches
    • Gardens
    • Driveways
    • Parking lots
    • Barns
    • Marinas
    • Garages
    • Any other open areas
  • Coverage

    Line of sight – if pests can see it, they will stay away.


    Owl head bobs and turns freely, up to 360 degrees


    18" tall with a 6.5" diameter base


    1 lb, 4 oz


    90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 1-Year manufacturer's warranty

  • Instructions

    1. Use hole in base to fill the owl with sand or gravel to weight it down.
    2. Make sure the owl's head can swivel freely, then place outdoors in a breezy location.
    3. Position the owl in an elevated location, overlooking the area you wish to protect.

    For Best Results

    • Owl must be placed on a balanced surface so that the head moves freely.
    • Move the owl every few days for maximum effectiveness.
    • Store the owl indoors when the season is over so that the pests can't get used to its presence.
    • Some customers like to glue real feathers on the owl for added effect. Turkey feathers can be found at most craft stores.