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Indoor Insect and Rodent Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT - Buy 2 get 1 free

Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT 3-Pack

Availability: Ships in 5-7 Business Days
Your 3rd Ultimate AT is Free - You Save $50!

Don't let a pest problem create stress and embarrassment. Our bundle sale gives you the extra coverage you'll need while saving some $$ your wallet.

Regular Price: $149.85
You Pay: $99.90
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SAVE $50.00
Guardian™ Pest Repeller Bundle Sale (Includes 2 Guardians)

Guardian™ Bundle Sale

Availability: In Stock
Get Twice The Coverage - Save $10 Now!

Keep your property looking great. Avoid the hassle of deer eating your shrubs, raccoons ripping up your lawn or rodents chewing up your things in storage. The Guardian can be used indoors and out, with more customizable options than any other repeller on the market.  Bundle and save $10 instantly!

Regular Price: $139.90
You Pay: $109.90
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SAVE $30.00
Good Life Bird & Wildlife Propane Scare Cannon

Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon - NEW! (Pre-Order: Ships on September 5th)

Protects Farms, Vineyards, & Orchards From Pests

Are your crops being destroyed by deer, birds, and other hungry wildlife? This powerful outdoor repeller allows you to easily protect large areas with a simple pressure-regulated sonic blast. Order now and save $90 off the regular price as we celebrate the launch of our newest cannon.

Regular Price: $299.95
You Pay: $219.95
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SAVE $80.00
Garden Pack New With Strobe and Solar SafeGuards

Garden Pack Sale

Availability: In Stock
Includes The Guardian™ & 2 Solar SafeGuards - Save $15 Now!

Protect your property from pests both above and below ground with the Garden Pack. Use the Guardian™ to repel pests like squirrels and deer while the Solar SafeGuards drive away burrowing pests like moles and gophers. The Garden Pack is low maintenance and completely safe for the environment.

Regular Price: $99.85
You Pay: $84.95
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SAVE $15.00
Solar SafeGuard 3-Pack Sale (3 units for the price of 2)

Solar SafeGuard 3-Pack Sale

Availability: In Stock
Buy 2 Solar SafeGuards, get one free!

Prevent burrowing pests from destroying your yard. Don't hassle with setting traps or worry about tripping over a gopher hole. Easy to use, fast-acting, and blends nicely with your yard! On Sale Now: Buy 2 and get a 3rd absolutely free!

Regular Price: $59.85
You Pay: $39.90
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SAVE $20.00
Bed Bug Bundle: 2 Pest Repeller Ultimate ATs, 1 Bed Bug Logic, &  1 Bed Bug Alert

Bed Bug Elimination Kit

Availability: In Stock
Everything You Need To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs - Save Over $30 Instantly!

The Bed Bug Elimination Kit is your solution to get rid of and keep bed bugs away. Use the Bed Bug Alerts to identify infestations around your home. Then destroy the pests within seconds with non-toxic Bed Bug Logic spray. Finally, plug the Pest Repeller Ultimate® ATs in to repel any missed by the spray and help prevent bed bugs from coming back.

Regular Price: $141.95
You Pay: $109.95
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SAVE $32.00
The Guardian Classic Indoor/Outdoor Pest Repeller

The Guardian™ Classic

Availability: In Stock
First Generation Indoor/ Outdoor Pest Repeller

Our original indoor / outdoor pest repeller. Great for getting rid of pests in attics, crawl spaces & outdoor areas.

Regular Price: $59.95
You Pay: $49.95
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SAVE $10.00
Premium Pack Includes 2 Ultimate ATs and 1 Guardian

Indoor/Outdoor Premium Pack - NEW!

Availability: In Stock
Indoor and Outdoor Pest Protection - Save $50 Now!

Get rid of pests both inside and out with the Premium Pack. The Pest Repeller Ultimate® ATs keep indoor areas protected from pests, while the Guardian repels unwanted critters outdoors. Its complete pest protection without poisons, sprays, or traps.

Regular Price: $169.85
You Pay: $119.85
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SAVE $50.00