The Guardian™ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set The Guardian to repel pests such as squirrels, bats, rodents, etc?
Use the Frequency Dial on the back of the unit to choose the pest you want to repel. Beside the dial there is a list of pests and their dial settings. Here’s a few of the most commonly used settings below:

  • Squirrels/Raccoons: Settings 3-7
  • Chipmunks: Setting 6
  • Bats: Settings 6-7
  • Insects/Bugs: Settings 1-4 will work, but the sound will be audible. If you would rather not hear the sound at all, use 5-7.


How does the motion-sensor work? What else might cause the unit to activate?
The Guardian detects motion by using a specialized thermal sensor that detects small changes in heat in front of the unit. This means that an animal moving within 100 ft. of the Guardian can cause shift in the level of heat in the area and cause the device to activate. Certain animals (like mice or rats) may be too small to generate enough heat to activate the Guardian (when on a motion setting). In those situations we would recommend using the Continuous sound setting rather than using the motion sensor to activate the sound.

In some cases, sources of directed light (like flashlights or car headlights) aimed directly at the unit can contain enough infrared light to activate the unit. Nearby mirrors can also reflect infrared light, potentially causing the Guardian to activate. Keep this in mind when choosing where to set up and install the Guardian.

Where do I set the sensitivity and alarm volume?
If you are using this unit continuously on the ultrasonic setting, you will not need to adjust these settings. If you are using the alarm or motion sensor, you will need to adjust these according to your individual situation.

Can the strobe light be turned off?
Yes, the strobe light, as well as the alarm can be manually turned off.

Where do I place the unit?
Place the Guardian™ in a central, open area so the sound frequencies can be projected as far as possible. This unit can be mounted on the side of a wall by hanging it from the mounting holes on the back of the unit, or you can place this unit on any type of a flat surface.

Can I place it under my home?
Yes, this unit can be placed under your home. As long as your home is no larger than 5,000 sq ft, one unit should be sufficient.

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Will The Guardian bother my pets?
Your pets may be able to hear some of the frequencies projected from the unit. However, if the unit is outdoors and the pets are indoors, this unit will not bother them, as the frequencies will not go through any solid objects, such as walls.

Can I get one unit for my entire attic?
As long as your attic is one open room, no larger than 5,000 sq ft, one unit will be adequate to cover your attic.

If I have pests in both my front and back yard will I need 2 units?
The sound frequencies can not go through any solid objects, such as walls. You would need to place one unit in your front yard, and one in your back yard.

Will I or my neighbors be able to hear it?
The lower settings on the unit are audible. When set to a higher setting, you will not be able to hear the frequencies.

What is the remote used for?
If a pest is just outside the range of the motion detector, or a pest to small to activate the unit is lurking around your yard, you can use the remote control to manually activate the unit, sending the sound frequencies up to 5,000 sq ft away.

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What pests are repelled by The Guardian?
Armadillos, Bats, Deer, Mice, Opossums, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks and Squirrels. Results can take 2-3 weeks.

Note: Be aware that under some situations of extreme drought or other adverse conditions, the pressure on any creature becomes so great that survival overrules any deterrent.

What pests are NOT repelled by The Guardian?
Birds, Cats, Dogs and Rabbits.

Does The Guardian kill pests?
The Guardian is not designed to kill pests. It is an electronic device that will help repel the unwanted pests and give you a peaceful, damage free home or lawn.

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