Zon® Mark 4 Automatic Timer

Set daily timer to automatically turn the Mark 4 on/off.

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For use with:
Zon® Mark 4 Propane Cannon
  • With the optional Zon® Automatic Timer, you can set a daily on/off time for your Zon® Mark 4 Cannon. The timer automatically starts and stops operation of the cannon each day at your specified time. One “AA” battery will power the Zon® Timer for an entire season.

    This optional timer turns gas on and off once per day. The Timer does not regulate the time between cannon blasts (this function is controlled by the gas regulator included with cannon purchase); it turns the gas flow on, then off at specified times (one on/off period per day), which is useful in situations where it is not convenient to access the cannon every day to turn the gas on and off.